What’s Hive all about?

At Hive, we love high street shopping. From browsing to buying, finding new shops to meeting passionate staff.
We're working hard to keep that fun and sociable shopping experience alive. And to support those independent shops so they don’t disappear. We think getting recommendations from people who love the things they sell is really important. 
And most of all, we love bookshops. If we could live in a bookshop, we’d probably do it. Wouldn't you?
We understand people who are passionate about books. We’re just like you. We go to events, signings and author talks. And we love telling people about the books and films we've enjoyed. Just don’t get us started on our favourites, unless you've got a while.
We’re really proud to support an independent bookshop with every single sale we make.
We give independent bookshops a chance to be seen online. We hope it will help them to reach new and different customers. We help them benefit from the sale of all kinds of stuff.

Our network

We're connected to hundreds of independent bookshops across the UK

You can use our bookshop finder to search for shops near you and check their opening hours
You can choose which bookshop to collect your order from (or have it delivered at home) 

What's in it for you?

Our story

Born in 2011

We're a British, tax-paying company. We're passionate about the books we sell, our brilliant customers, and the independent bookshops we support. We offer the advantages of online shopping, including our extensive range and competitive pricing, while simultaneously helping high street bookshops by giving them commission and an online presence.

Helping independent bookshops

We don't want any more independent bookshops to close, that's why we give them a cut from every single order on Hive. Whether you order books, films, music, games, or anything else, your chosen bookshop will receive commission. They will receive a minimum of 10% on the net value of all book orders, rising to 25% when you select store collection. We pay 8% on eBooks and 3% on entertainment products. Bookshops receive their commission monthly.

Be a part of our network

If you're an independent bookshop based in the UK, we'd love for you to be a part of the Hive independent bookshop network, just send an email to to find out how to apply. Once your application is approved and your profile created, you can just sit back and wait for the commission to come in!

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