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Sleep Should Be Simple

At Coop, we design adjustable sleep products that cater to each individual’s unique size, shape, and sleep position—so you can rest comfortably and wake up feeling your best every day.

Sit Back and Relax

After four years of research and development, incorporating 13,000 customer reviews, and countless iterations, we’ve finally developed an adjustable pillow that is loved by almost all who try it. We’ve put in the work it takes to learn how a pillow can deliver quality sleep, and we guarantee the results will show.

Down to the Last Detail

We’re serious about sleep—so serious that we left no stone unturned when engineering our products.

Adjust, Readjust

Because all bodies are different, and we all have our own preferred sleep position, it’s important that you’re able to add or remove fill to suit your own personal needs.

Fill Quality Matters

Some fill options cause issues ranging from kinked necks to allergy flare ups. Ours is made of hypoallergenic memory foam and microfiber for a perfect balance between comfort and support.

Breathability Is Key

Tossing and turning at night can be caused by a pillow with poor breathability. We’ve developed our fill, pillowcase, and liner with breathable materials and construction to ensure proper airflow.

Washable Pillows, Please

A pillow can get up to 33% heavier after two years if you don’t wash it (...ew). Our entire pillow is washable, meaning you can get rid of dust mites, allergens, and bacteria.

The Latest Innovations in Sleep Comfort

We're Changing Lives, 8 Hours At A Time

Hi, we’re Kevin and Jin Chon, founders of Coop. We started this company out of personal necessity, after Kevin started suffering from upper back and neck pain. After trying everything from the chiropractor to yoga to fix it, he realized that his pillow was responsible for his aches and pains all along.

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