Responsible Innovation

Clarins believes in people.

Clarins sees sustainable development as an opportunity to pioneer pressing issues, initiate new rules and practices, set forth new challenges, and commit itself with conviction and generosity. Clarins truly believes in progress and in our ability to find clever solutions for a desirable and viable future for all. In a world of well-intentioned words, Clarins wants to be among those who act.

Solar Impulse, a technological and human adventure backed by Clarins since 2008. 

Trailblazers in the field of plant-based beauty, Clarins recognizes visionaries and supports them. Awarded just three times since 2004—the ClarinsMen Environment Award encourages innovation, and has honored the initiative of Jean-Pierre Nicolas (2004 award winner) and his association Jardins du Monde, which aims to "save plants to save lives"; that of Bertrand Piccard (2010 award winner) with his Solar Impulse, a plane powered solely by solar energy; and that of Roland Jourdain (2013 award winner) who, with his Explore Foundation, supports bold pioneers and searches for the plant-based materials of the future.

Open formulas keep Clarins at the forefront of innovation.

Clarins’ pioneering formulas are continually being reinvented as plant science and technology advance—a process known as Permanent Innovation, and a practical expression of the founders motto:

“Do more, do better and enjoy doing so.”

Even if a product is a best seller, the formula will be enriched and enhanced to deliver more quality, sensorial pleasure and beauty.

The most emblematic example of this approach is Double Serum, created in 1985—the first double-phase (hydric + lipidic) serum formulated to help boost the skin’s five vital functions (hydration, nourishment, oxygenation, prevention and protection) essential to maintaining the skin’s youthful appearance.

This classic formula has been revisited for the seventh time and is a favorite of millions of consumers worldwide. More than 100 international press awards crown its success.

Clarins has made bold innovation its signature.

Clarins Laboratories are considered pioneers in the fields of plant science and technology. From 100% Pure Plant Oils, Double Serum, skincare innovations for face and body—to make-up, men’s care and treatment fragrances—Clarins scientists have created groundbreaking formulas that are unrivaled in the cosmetics industry.

By listening, observing and analyzing—Clarins has opened up new avenues for cosmetics, all of which have remained relevant. Our award-winning Anti-Pollution Complex was launched in 1992 to help protect skin from the damaging effects of the environment. Today, this powerful complex is present in all Clarins daytime moisturizers, and is continually being improved and perfected.

Aroma-phyto body care—a term invented by Clarins to convey the combination of aromatherapy and phytotherapy (fragrance + the power of plants).

Creation driven by innovative values.

Clarins shares its vision and experiences as a company committed to the future at the Global Conference hosted by The Planetworkshops (July 2015). © Olivier Toussaint

Join Clarins by stepping into a new era where a company's value is measured by its socially responsible initiatives, its influence in guiding society toward a desirable future, and its talent for cooperation and knowledge-sharing.

Clarins believes in the virtues of cooperation. The company shares this conviction with its cosmetic industry peers within the Natural Resources Stewardship Council, of which Christian Courtin-Clarins is the founding member and co-chairman. The council explores, within this context, the wide range of possibilities for inventing a new model of balanced interests in the raw materials supply chain. 

The determination to share our values in the hopes of creating an innovative global business model, is reflected in Clarins' presence at major events focusing on sustainable development—including Global Earth and The Planetworkshops—to which the company is invited to speak about its responsible practices.

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