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As the UK’s most-loved online florist, caring wildly is at the heart of our business. And it’s in the soul of our people. 

Our founder Aron cares wildly about making sending and receiving flowers a joy. Lucy cares wildly about making sure she doesn’t send you reminders about sensitive occasions if you don’t want them. We even have a Customer Delight team who’ll go the extra mile for you if something’s not perfect.

Caring wildly is celebrating the little things we all do for each other every day. Not just on the big occasions. It’s being there for the highs. Stepping up for the lows. Getting someone out of a rut with one simple message. Remembering those precious memories. Finding the courage to say sorry. Or silly ways to make them smile. After all, unexpected flowers really are the best kind. 

We don’t just send flowers. We help you care wildly.

Our customers inspire us to do better every single day. We’ve always been touched by their amazing stories of care. That’s why we treat every order like it’s our own - with all the care in the world.

There are 7 million unpaid carers in the UK

Every single day, they give up their careers, their education, their ambitions and their free time to care wholeheartedly for someone they love. A lot of us know someone like this. The friend who’s looking after their terminally ill mum. The single parent who quit their job to look after a grandparent. The teenager, who’s skipping college to help their little cousin, who’s struggling with mental health. And - as a company who sees the huge impact that care has on others - that really struck a chord with us.

So we’re giving our support right back to these incredible care warriors. Every time someone buys our Florist’s Pick, we’ll donate 15% of the profit to Carers Trust. This wonderful charity gives support, resources and respite breaks to the people who endlessly care wildly. So they can live a better life themselves.

Everything we do makes an impact. Here’s how we’re reducing ours.

We all have a responsibility to clean up the footprints we leave behind. That’s why we’re proud of our responsible supply chain. Our letterbox packaging is now 100% recyclable. We offset our carbon emissions. We send zero waste to landfill from our warehouses and much more.

We believe in doing business thoughtfully

We believe in treating our customers the same way we’d treat our closest friends. That’s why we invented the Thoughtful Marketing Movement. And why we want more brands to join us.

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